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“My son's go there for therapy and it's been well worth it.  Great caring staff.  Drug problems to child therapy and depression.  If you need the help, they are here for you and are very discreet and caring.”—John A.

“Michael, Thank you for providing me support when I needed it.  Thank you for creating a learning environment and thank you for indulging me in some fun and deep conversations.”

“Dear Michael, You've been so great to work with...I've learned a lot from this experience and love the way you make everyone feel accepted and safe.  People like you make this world a better place.”

“ I have REALLY enjoyed and have been POSITIVELY impacted by Michael.”

“It is clear you really care.”
August 2021

“You have been an important part of my wellness journey and I’m very grateful.”
November 2021

“I really appreciate all of your help. You've really made a difference and helped get me to this point.”
September 2023

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